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Beth Laurin, Provisorium, 2017
Interview between Beth Laurin and Axel Wider in Provisorium, 2017

How do we know? – Institutional listening and young agency in the arts, ITAB and PTAB

How do we know? – Institutional listening and young agency in the arts is a publication co-produced by the teen advisory boards of Index, Praksis (Oslo) and Publics (Helsinki).

It features texts, interviews and design proposals that the boards have developed in correspondence with each other and through collaborations with a number of artists. The publication is available in Index’ Bookshop.

For the publication release at Index in February 2023, members of Index Teen Advisory Board Malin Issa, Sarika Ullah, Felix Krausz Sjögren, Luna Sackett and Vigo Roth spoke to Index’ curator of learning Isabella Tjäder about the work that went into putting the publication together. This conversation is now a podcast, available on Spotify and Index’ website.

The publication also features the work of the 2020/21 board as archival material.

ITAB 2020/2021 were: José Velasquez Esteban, Emil Pita, Sarika Ullah, Simon Sjöberg, Malin Issa, Adina Edfelt and Felix Krausz Sjögren

PTAB 2020/2021 Board Members were: Sadia Hassan, Nellie Barazandeh, Mikkel Inchley, Sumaya Elmi, Annine Slettebø, Noah Gylver, Hannah Røsholt Siger, Zeinab Al-khatib, and Nasteha Hassan Mahamed.

Beth Laurin: Provisorium

Provisorium provides an extensive overview of the work of Swedish artist Beth Laurin (born 1935 in Stockholm). Since the 1960s, the artist has developed an impressive body of work which includes sculpture and objects, performance, drawing, sound, text, photography and video, often incorporating found things, personal materials, texts and newspaper clippings that are used with a resonance of associations and potential meanings. Her work has developed in correspondence with political movements, such as early feminism, but with a highly idiosyncratic approach that looks extremely contemporary until today. This publication was produced on the occasion of the exhibition at Index Beth Laurin: Provisorium: 16 September – 3 December 2017

Published by Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm, 2017
Texts by Beth Laurin, Leif Elggren, Jaleh Mansoor, Axel Wieder, and Josefine Wikström, design: HIT
200 pages, 19 × 12,8 cm, softcover, Swedish / English, with 62 b/w and 96 color images, ISBN: 978-91-983228-1-1
180 SEK

Willem de Rooij: Index, 2017
Willem de Rooij: Index, 2017

Willem de Rooij: Index

Index. Riots, Protest, Mourning and Commemoration (as represented in newspapers, January 2000–July 2002) consists of 18 framed panels with photographs cut from newspapers, depicting protest marches and moments of collective mourning. Produced initially in 2003, Index investigates the representation of protest in global news and the image politics of bodies between subjects, image makers and systems of distribution. On the occasion of the exhibition by Willem de Rooij, revisiting the work after more than a decade, and in light of changed information networks, this book documents the work in its entirety. Willem de Rooij: 18 April–26 June 2015

Co-produced by Index together with Arnolfini, the Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt and Koenig Books.
Texts by Sven Lütticken, Pablo Martínez and Axel Wieder, design: Surface
508 pages, 28,5 × 22 cm, softcover, English, with 450 color images, ISBN: 978-3-86335723-8
SEK 230

Zine publication: Object Translations

Co-authored objects by Index Residents

This small publication is a sample of forms frozen in the moment of formulation. These temporary forms – everyday objects interpreted through several minds onto shapes on paper – linger here as drawings before they return back into objects. Made with students of the Index Residents program within the exhibition Provisorium by Beth Laurin, the Object translation workshops followed the abstracting gestures of Laurin’s sculptures. This exercise in abstraction highlighted the moment where an object is separated from its quotidian use. In the gap between object, meaning and utility, the students responded to the proposition: How do you translate an object into an object? What qualities will be distorted, transformed or sustained in a communicative process that takes several different steps: object to word to text to drawing to object.

Object translation publication, co-authored objects by Index Residents
Object translation workshop with Torsviksskolan
Object translation publication, co-authored objects by Index Residents
Object translation workshop with S:t Eriks Gymnasium
Object translation workshop at Uppsala Internationella Gymnasium SPRINT
Object translation publication, co-authored objects by Index Residents
Sensing with nerves, at Solna Gymnasium
Object translation workshop at Uppsala Internationella Gymnasium SPRINT
Object translation workshop at Uppsala Internationella Gymnasium SPRINT

Zine Publication: The Alternative Ego – Cogito Ergo Sum.

Accumulating thoughts, processes and experiments that has taken place inside and outside our alternative bodies – Index Residents Solna wrap up the year with a Zine Publication named: The Alternative Ego- Cogito Ergo Sum. Thank you to all of the amazing students and teachers from Solna Gymnasium for engaging your thoughts, hands, dreams and formulations in this process that started with Ada Lovelace, and became so much more. Visit Index or email to get your very own copy.

Zine Publication: The Alternative Ego - Cogito Ergo Sum with Index Residents Solna Gymnasium SPRINT

Zine Publication: The Promise by Index Teen Advisory Board

During the spring of 2017, Index Teen Advisory Board followed a discursive path alongside the upcoming exhibition The Promise.
An exhibition that explore the city as a political space, and the role of architecture and design in shaping a context for our lives. With more people than ever living and working in urban agglomerations and with a growing importance of commercial and political centers, the space of the city has become one of the most contested issues of today. This zine is I.T.A.Bs collective platform to comment and reflect on topics brought up. Who does the city belong to? Who does this text belong to? In a collaborative reading some of the participants also give voice to each others texts, continuing the learning process that has run throughout the year. A big thank you to everyone involved, and honorary mentions to Ahmad Shaffi, Joanna Ptak, Jon Aagaard Andersson, Kajsa Frisk, Ram Alshibli, Razak Abdul Muhebu, Tilde Lee Björk, Index Teen Advisory Board 2016/2017.

Index Publications Archive

Encounters. On three films by Manon de Boer
Publishers: Index, Van Abbemuseum and OEI Editor
Type: Monographic Catalogue

The Tiger´s mind
Author: Beatrice Gibson
Sternberg Press, Index, CAC Bretigny, Showroom
Type: Artist publication

A Complicated Relation
Publisher: Index, OEI
Type: Group Exhibition

Karl Larsson
Publishers: Paraguay Press and Index
Type: Artist publication

My sweet little bomb
Author: Mladen Stillnovic
Publisher: Index
Type: Artist Publication

Between the Images, Imaginable Experiences for the Future Memories
Authors: Helena Holmberg, Petra Bauer and Kim Einsarsson
Publishers: Index, XPOSeptember
Type: Catalogue

Authors: Helena Holmberg and Mats Stjernstedt
Publisher: Index
Type: Catalogue

Henrik Andersson
Publishers: Index, BAC Visby, Firework Edition Records
Type: Audio CD

Authors: Helena Holmberg and Karina Ericsson Wärin
Publisher: Index
Type: Catalogue

Author: Maud Nycander and Kristina Lindström
Publisher: Fotograficentrums Förlag
Type: Artist publication

Micke Berg
Author: Micke Berg
Publisher: Fotograficentrums Förlag
Type: Monographic catalogue

Author: Nycander, Maud
Publisher: Fotograficentrums Förlag
Type: Monographic catalogue

Med Sikte På Verkligheten, Swedish Documentary Photography
Publisher: Fotograficentrums Förlag, Kulturhuset
Type: Catalogue