Territories, Frontiers and the Architecture of Warfare with curators Anselm Franke, Rafi Segal and Eyal Weizman

8 September–10 October 2004

“In an almost unbearably difficult-to-access form of presentation, Index shows insufferable images of urban planning and architecture as political co-actors in today’s war of occupation. I only get the keys to the fragmentary message of monitors, photographs and films when I read the starting point of the exhibition: the critical research work of the Israeli architects Rafi Segal and Eyal Weizman ‘A Civilian Occupation. The Politics of Israeli Architecture’ in the book of the same name (2002) and co-curator Anselm Franke’s text in Xposeptember’s newspaper. /…/ The exhibition here is an extension of last year’s large exhibition project ‘Territories’ (Berlin, Rotterdam, Malmö). A new contribution is the Palestinian Michel Khleifis and the Israeli Eyal Sivan’s four-hour-long film ‘Route 181’. Once I found an entrance to the film, I can watch it forever (There are benches.)”

Translated quote from DN, 2004-10-02, Jessica Kempe. Read full text in Swedish.