25 September–13 October 2002

“Relatively unknown, yet mythical, is the Taiwanese-American artist Tehching Hsieh, who since the late seventies has carried out a series of performances that all lasted exactly one year. On September 29, 1978, he locked himself in a cage in his loft at 111 Hudson Street in New York and stayed there for a year without talking to anyone, without reading, watching television or listening to the radio. In another of these ‘One Year Performances’ he and the artist Linda Montano (they did not know each other before) tied themselves together with a three meter long rope, and for a year they were dependent on each other in everything they did. /…/ Until 13/10, an exhibition with documents, press clippings and a recently released DVD about all of Tehching Hsieh’s work will be shown at Index. An excellent overview, which also meticulously describes each shortcoming, for example how many times he failed to punch on the hour or fell asleep.”

Translated quote from DN, 2002-10-10, Milou Allerholm. Read full text in Swedish.