Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset

5 May–10 June 2001

“Something is not quite right: ‘Klosterfelde’ is written on the window of Index premises, and directly after entering the door – in the middle of the showroom – you encounter an office, discreetly furnished with a desk, computer and bookshelf. The part of the exhibition activity that is often hidden in the inner regions – or at least shielded behind a booth – is now the first thing that the viewer sees. No sudden refurnishing has taken place. ‘The Office’ is part of Michael Elmgreen’s and Ingar Dragset’s new exhibition, in which the two artists have temporarily had their Berlin gallery Klosterfelde moved to Stockholm, including the gallery owner and everything else. In addition, a selection of the gallery’s other artists is also on display. /…/ It is, of course, about how to take power over the meanings ascribed to a room, a place. Many of their works are based on a persistent physicality, where the artists’ own or the audience’s bodies become an important part of the work. The fact that Elmgreen and Dragset are without a doubt two of the most interesting artists today is largely due to the mixture of playfulness and ambiguity in the works, combined with their sharp gaze on society.”

Translated quote from DN, 2001-05-15, Milou Allerholm. Read full text in Swedish.