Martin Sjöberg: HAUNTED HOUSE

6–30 November 1997

“A blue police light spins inside the structure, and rotting bananas protrude from underneath. This is an artifact that reflects a culture in disintegration, the pent-up aggression is ready to explode. A gas can on the floor makes it clear: it may slam at any moment. The entire exhibition is characterized by violence. A disordered painting directly on the wall looks like a large tattoo. On a pillar hangs some kind of snares in blue and yellow. They do not look nice at all. /…/ In two large pictures upstairs, the violence has become a bloody reality: up on a rooftop, the artist can be seen dragging around shattered bodies. They look like stills from some rare brutal American action movie. Sjöberg’s art has long revolved around oppression and violence. The fact that he now lives in Harlem has left clear traces.”

Translated quote from DN, 1997-11-18, Daniel Birnbaum. Read full text in Swedish.