Maria Hedlund: NEW WORKS

5 September–11 October 1998

“In the current exhibition at Galleri Index, the attraction to the worn, stained and scarred has given way to its opposite, something that can bring about protection and warmth to the owner. The focus is on small-checkered men’s shirts that are consistently depicted from behind. But the models’ backs fill up the entire images, creating a feeling of inaccessibility in the viewer. The shirt becomes a wall, something that angrily stands in the way and at the same time rejects contact. This becomes even clearer when the small-checkered pattern shifts in some fold formation, creating an optical, ‘psychedelic’ flicker and casts the gaze back to the viewer. /…/ Maria Hedlund’s photographs are filled with a frugal peculiarity that impresses with its effective but simple means.”

Translated quote from SvD, 1998-09-12, Hans Hedberg. Read full text in Swedish.