Larry Clark, Collier Schorr and Soren Martinsen: YOUTH

20 April–9 May 1996

“Clark’s images have an incredible intensity and an intrusive sense of reality. You do not get much further than this to the cult of the young and self-burning life. They are raw but romantic, repulsive but at the same time shrouded in an enchanted shimmer. The American artist Collier Schorr’s photographic suite ‘Night and Day’ is not at all brutal, but shares a related interest in the teenager’s unstable identity. At the center of the pictures is the teenage boy Horsti, a fragile young man who has not yet found a place in the world of available masculine roles. With a bare chest, he is placed in nature, malleable and a bit elusive. The image has something unreal and retouched over it, and one quickly notices that Horsti’s features have been enhanced with make-up. His sexual identity seems less and less stable.”

Translated quote from DN, 1996-05-05, Daniel Birnbaum. Read full text in Swedish.