Katarina Löfström

31 October–12 November 2000

Index projects:

Katarina Löfström:

Lonely Planets (Scandinavia)

oct 31 – nov 12

opening 31 okt 5 –8 pm.

We know what a map is: an image of an area, a country, a sea, a territory.
An abstract sign for a physical reality of some kind. This also goes for the maps Katarina Löfström makes. But she is playing with abstraction. Once again the signs becomes physical reality, in the shape of big cushions in skin coloured leather. The legibility of the sign is blurred when it takes physical form and the objects lead us to a number of associations. The map becomes an image of both a geographical and a mental landscape.

One of the most important functions of a map is perhaps to define borders. What is inside is something else than what´s outside. A map is also an instrument for power and control. In Katarina Löfströms installation the borders are wiped out. By playing with perception our own associations – how we see – our inner control, is made visible.

Included in the installation is a soundtrack by DJ Leenus, who is also playing during the opening.


Helena Holmberg

Katarina Löfströms exhibition is the fourth in a series of Index projects- exhibitions in a smaller scale which runs parallel to our regular exhibition program.
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