Johan Fowelin

20 April–14 May 1995

“This is the absolute opposite of the haute couture world. By presenting the Konsum-tailored turned away ‘models’, he clarifies the anonymity that prevails in the fashion world, despite the focus on individuals. The postures of the bodies in the ill-fitting but well-pressed suits still express security and well-being, in contrast to the well-styled million dollar models.

On the gallery’s basement level, Johan Fowelin has further reinforced the problem. He shows large photographs of empty office spaces. Various debris, an overturned washbasin, gaping valves and worn cords testify to hectic activities that have taken place on the site. The uniformed officials on the upper floor of the gallery could possibly bring new life into the rooms, which also have a gleam of the 60s. But it’s too late. The project has already failed. The safe construction of the welfare state has blown into pieces.”

Translated quote from SvD, 1995-05-06, Towe Matre. Read full text in Swedish.