Gunilla Klingberg: NONSTOP UNFO

1–30 September 2001

“The exhibition at Index is typical of Gunilla Klingberg’s way of working, but it is still not like any exhibition I have seen before. The Indian vibrations are noticeable already at the entrance. A pink light fills out the room whose main object is a mobile with suspended fabric flowers. It’s effective. In the room downstairs, a digitally processed video from an Ikea department store is displayed. Ikea was open at night and Gunilla Klingberg went there to film. As in her previous work, a kaleidoscopic effect is present, but instead of a spinning Ikea logo, the department store’s furnished stands and sections for utensils, carpets and flowers are displayed. The antithetically arranged corners slowly slide in and out of each other in a desolate Ikea store. It is a work where the logo is only exposed indirectly, as when the camera sweeps over the Ikea bags and turns them into a yellow-blue flower that opens.”

Translated quote from SvD, 2001-09-08, Anna Brodow. Read full text in Swedish.