Elin Kristine Kromann, Patric Larsson & Cecilia Lundqvist: BY THEMSELVES

27 May–11 June 2000

“On a gray carpet stands a simple chair next to four skid marks. Further away is a large gray ball made of lint from the carpet. The whole thing is quietly beautiful. But slowly the impression of tranquility transforms into something more unpleasant. The skid marks are not only the result of patience but also generate a strange notorious feeling. And what kind of activity has generated all the fluff for the ball? Dust and waste are favourable matters if you want to incorporate a time aspect into a work. Time and almost compulsive repetition are clear aspects also in Patric Larsson’s two drawings. In one, childhood memories have been written down as difficult-to-read fragmentary sentences, with different colors for different ages. Although the whole thing has a tangible shape, it is also abstract and difficult to read. /…/ But even if they are not chosen on the basis of a theme or topics, there is something that recurs in all the works: a methodical slowness that borders on something difficult to control. This also applies to Cecilia Lundqvist’s animated video ‘Absolutely normal’, which is a fascinating portrayal of elusive – but easily recognizable – emotional states such as ‘self-contempt’ or ‘self-pity’.”

Translated quote from DN, 2000-06-10, Milou Allerholm. Read full text in Swedish.