Lucy Lippard: Seeing Through

The Aural Exhibition titled Seeing Through by the writer, activist and sometimes curator Lucy Lippard is a collage, weaving together visions and relationships from different times in her life that she experienced around her. As Lucy describes “…collage has been an obsession and a medium for me. The Dada and surrealist idea of juxtaposition of unlikes as the source of a new reality probably underlies much of my work.”

Amongst these various layers of unlikes which Lippard resurrects, the word ‘nostalgia’ comes to mind—encompassing the simultaneous pulse of emotion and memory; a sudden feeling felt in the present time —connecting—like an invisible ball of yarn—to the past.

Lucy Lippard is an icon well known for supporting conceptualism and writing an epic exhibition on the dematerialization of art. Listen to Lucy Lippard: Seeing Through here: