Editorial Board: Leave a Message

The Surrealists adored playing a game called the Exquisite Corpse, in which participants take turns making elaborate drawings of a body—human or animal—It is a well-known creative process activated through secrecy until the final unfolding reveals an unexpected surprise.

This Aural Exhibition titled Leave a Message by the collective Editorial Board, takes the Exquisite Corpse as a starting point, and activates the process through recorded phone messages that describes one single artwork.

The Editorial Board collective is inspired by the genre of the book-as-exhibition and utilizes editorial processes as a method to explore and challenge the parameters that exist between texts and exhibitions. An additional question of interest is how to engage and apply the collective voice to text and exhibition meaning and production while maintaining focus on process and sharing creatively.

Listen to Leave a Message here:

Editorial Board consists of nine artists and curators: Beatrice Alvestad Lopez, Tal Gilad, Lucija Grbic, Joanne Grüne- Yanoff, Emily Mennerdahl, Anne Klontz, Alina Rentsch, Ernesta Simkute, Isabella Tjäder.