Anita and Anita, Jeremy Deller and Öyvind Fahlström: NDXLRTE

15 February–23 March 1997

Image of Index opening in 1997 with artists Anita and Anita, Jeremy Deller and Öyvind Fahlström, NDXLRTE

“ ‘Project NDXLRTE’ at Galleri Index is not a conventional exhibition. The gallery instead functions as a relaxed meeting place where visitors can indulge in international magazines, artist books, various printed matter, sound images, video magazines and art films. Tonight, Thursday, it is also ‘talent night’ where everyone who feels compelled can show their own videos in front of an audience.

Emanuel Swedenborg and Öyvind Fahlström are among the younger generation’s references. The half-hour-long film ‘U-barn’ by Fahlström from 1968 is shown in the video-corner, and on Saturday night Jan Sundström gives a presentation of the now so relevant, radical and politically conscious artist who died in 1976.”

Translated quote from DN, 1997-03-20, Birgitta Rubin. Read full text in Swedish.