Upcoming deadline: Art and Distribution: Summer course in collaboration with Konstfack

Summer 2020 will see Index’ exhibition space open up for participants of the new summer course Art and Distribution, organized as a collaboration between Konstfack and Index.

Led by Johanna Gustafsson Fürst (with Emmeli Person and Marti Manen), the course Art and Distribution: Exhibition practitioners and other ways to distribute provides a theoretical framework and a practical platform that takes place at Konstfack and Index Foundation during summer 2020. The course is workshop-based with discussions, lectures and individual practice. The exhibition space at Index will function as a public workplace during the course, where the participants are integrated into the Index summer program.

Artists have always integrated presentation and distribution methods as part of their artwork and have constantly found new ways to distribute thoughts, ideas and works. How do we think about art and distribution today? How do the terms of distribution define production? Can we expand the duration of a work of art by redefining the idea of when it is ready to be presented?

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Photo credit: Francesc Ruiz La Settimana Enigmistica, 2015, Kiosk and publications