Sigma, Pedagogies of Space

Alina Serban spoke at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation in the context of our conference “Pedagogies of Space” on Sigma.

‘The exhibition SIGMA: Cartography of Learning 1969–1983 is the first attempt to describe the ambitious project of pedagogical experimentation in art, design and architecture by the SIGMA group. Founded in 1969 in Timișoara by artists Ștefan Bertalan, Constantin Flondor, Ioan Gaita, Elisei Rusu, Doru Tulcan and mathematician Lucian Codreanu, SIGMA’s artistic concept was driven by their interests in systemic thinking, visual communication, and advanced technology, combined with an extended reinterpretation of early 20th-century constructivism and an alliance with conceptualism and radical education. As a comprehensive platform, SIGMA’s artistic practice became an influential model for a diverse array of practitioners in art, design and architecture.’

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