Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Lorenzo Pezzani and Oliver Rees, Model Court (2009-ongoing)

‘Model Court is an ongoing collaboration between artists and researchers Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Lorenzo Pezzani and Oliver Rees, whose practice explores the shifting infrastructures of international justice. The group was initiated in 2009 and has since produced an extensive archive comprising of film material and interviews with other practitioners and theorists who’s work also deal with the geo-political aspects of juridical space.

The point of departure for this project was the work of Architect Hikaru Kitai, who is working on a World Bank sponsored commission to design courtrooms in the “developing world”. Kitai’s project occupies the ambivalent ground between a search for innovative forms of transparency and imposed forms of justice. Through conversations with Kitai the Gallery in Glasgow was redesigned as a model of a courtroom. In the first incarnation of ‘Model Court’, which was part of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow’s Your Land is my Land, the legal technologies of representation and the protocol of spatial/legal practice were used to display a series of video, sound, written works and talks both by the artists and other practitioners.’

Model Court website here.