Review: Vaginal Davis, Tominga O'Donnell for Billedkunst tidsskrift

Tominga O’Donell has written about Vaginal Davis for the print journal Billedkunst, published by the Norwegian Association for Visual Artists. In their text, O’Donnell gives an in-depth review of the exhibitions across Index, Moderna museet, Nationalmuseet and Accelerator.

Below an excerpt focusing on Vaginal Davis’s text production on view at Index, translated from the original article (in Norwegian):

“In his speech at the opening at Index, Hendrik Folkerts explained that he first fell in love with Vaginal Davis’s texts. There is enormous scope in this text production work: from letters, postcards and poetry to fanzines, blog posts and articles, reviews and gossip columns published in LA Weekly, UR Chicago and other established journals. It’s easy to see the appeal this highly original writing style: Vaginal Davis plays with words, creates absurd combinations and is not afraid to tease celebrities from Hollywood (“Tom Cruise loves women”) or
the art elite (there is a very funny, pompous handwritten speech “by” the artist Vanessa Beecroft on view in the vitrines at Index).”