Review: Vaginal Davis, Alice Godwin, Stirworld

Alice Godwin has written for Stirworld about Vaginal Davis’s Stockholm takeover: “Here is a glorious friction between Davis’ unfiltered personality and the Swedish reserve.”

From the review:

“Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation on Kungsholmen island addresses Davis’ writings as a chronicler, journalist, novelist and gossip columnist in HOFPFISTEREI (the name of a German bakery chain by the way). An astonishing collection of the zines Davis made in the 1980s and 1990s from a Xerox machine at UCLA, where she had a day job in the Placement and Career Planning Center, have been gathered, including Fertile La Toyah Jackson Magazine and Crude. Disciples can also scroll back through Davis’ blog, Speaking from the Diaphragm, and decades’ worth of reviews and salacious gossip that culminate with Davis’ adventures in Stockholm. The stellar research behind this show lays the foundation for an important archive.”

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