Review: THE -ING FORM by Jenny Danielsson, Artnotes

Jenny Danielsson has written about THE -ING FORM for Artnotes. In her text, Danielsson combines her experience and reflections from visiting the installation at Index and conversations with the Index team, as well as considering the positions presented by Index Foundation throughout its 25 years and in the archive material open for the visitor.

From the text in Artnotes:
[The presentation] “is unusual and liberating. If you have the slightest tendency towards open shelves in libraries, you will not be disappointed. [….] This is a presentation that completely trusts that the visitor can find out for themselves what is interesting to spend time pondering. Here is an excellent opportunity to simply look back at 25 years of Swedish contemporary art without nostalgic shimmer or preconceived ideas about how it used to be. The archive can simply speak for itself.”

Read the full text (in Swedish only) here