Review: Editorial Thinking in Editorial Concreta

Curator Alba Folgado writes about the exhibition Editorial Thinking for the art journal Editorial Concreta:

“How is it possible to approach artistic practices that require such attention? It may appear that the art center, the gallery or the museum are spaces in which visits are characterized by their brevity and lack of frequency, something not compatible with paused reading and research. It is true that in the majority of cases this theory results in being accurate and a structural change is required to modify these inertia, but not all institutions can allow or are able to do it. As I was mentioning earlier, Index has been working for a while with this turn establishing continuous relations with the public and through its critical and pedagogical task. It is exclusively to the great involvement, availability and support of Index team that Editorial Thinking works beyond the temporality of the exhibition.” – Alba Folgado

Read the full review here (in Spanish).