Residency Mar Reykjavik in Stockholm

Mar Reykjavik (Sagunt, 1995) has been invited during the fall of 2023 to the NKF guest studio by Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation. Reykjavik’s work specialises in image in movement, installation and action. Their work has been exhibited widely in Spain, as well as internationally. They have been artist in residence at the GVA Museum Consortium of the Autonomous Community of Valencia, the Bilbaoarte Foundation, Artists in Residence at La Casa Encendida + CA2M, Injuve and Ob Skena at the Huarte Centre, among others.

Reykjavik combines their artistic production with their work as a teacher in such spaces as Master.Lav, MACA Master in Experimental Architecture, Woman Make, and La Fotoescuela.

During their stay at NKF’s guest studio, Reykjavik was focusing on experimenting with performative materials which they call materials of insistence. These constitute the raw material for some of the projects they’re working on related to three concepts: duration, translation, and principle. All of this is developed from a methodology that revolves around understanding that what is done with the body leaves a structural residue in thought, forming a triad such as: do-think-do, moving towards the expression of thought through action.

With generous support by Institut Ramon Llull.