Preview: Vaginal Davis takes Stockholm - Karolina Modig in Artnotes

Karolina Modig has written a piece previewing Vaginal Davis’ forthcoming multi-site solo exhibition, with openings this week for Vaginal Davis’s HOFPFISTEREI at Index, Vaginal Davis: Magnificent Product at Moderna Museet and Choose Mutation featuring CHEAP collective at Accelerator.

In the text, Modig introduces Ms Davis’ multifaceted practice, building a picture of how the various aspects with be highlighted in the the six collaborating institutions in Stockholm: Moderna Museet, Nationalmuseum, Accelerator, Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Tensta konsthall and MDT (Moderna Dansteatern).

Referring to a conversation with Hendrik Folkerts, curator of Vaginal Davis: Magnificent Product and whose initiative brought Vaginal Davis to Stockholm, Modig reflects on the significance of interpersonal bonds in Ms Davis’s practice, collaborations and in this constellation of exhibitions.

Modig also quotes from an interview with Index’ Isabella Tjäder about the breadth and depth of Davis’s text production and Accelerator’s Richard Julin on the collaboration for their exhibition.

Read the full article in Swedish here.