In conversation: Marti Manen's interview with C-print

Marti Manen
C-print interview with Marti Manen
Chris Kraus, FILMS BEFORE AND AFTER, Index Foundation, 2019, Photo: Emmeli Person
Roxy Farhat, Minimal Kompetens, 2014, WUH-PSHHH!, Index 2019
Anna Selder, One Cannot See Oneself, Index Foundation, 1995

In mid March, Ashik Zaman of C-print came by Index’ space (during Ramesch Daha’s exhibition), to sit down and talk with director Marti Manen. Today C-print share that interview, which touches upon many things: Index’ history, the recent exhibition program, Marti’s curatorial projects pre-Index, balancing time and budgets, and keeping cultural spaces open during uncertain times.

Thanks Ashik, thanks C-print for the words and your time! Read the interview here