Anna Molska, Frieze

Anna Molska (artist, Warsaw) spoke at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation in the context of our conference “Pedagogies of Space” on Oskar Hansen’s architecture as a film setting. Here is an article detailing Molska’s practice.

‘Anna Molska’s austere film and video works dissect avant-garde Utopias with the help of real-life characters. In W=F*s (work) (2008), for example, grizzled workers construct pyramidal scaffolding onto which they eventually climb. Molska’s films also crash-test classical literary realism in actual situations, as in The Weavers (2009), in which a 19th-century play about the revolt of textile workers is acted out by a trio of unemployed men against the backdrop of the crisis of the Polish mining industry. ‘Glasshouses’, Molska’s recent solo show, presented two works made over the course of the last two years. Screened alongside each other, Hecatomb (2011) and The Mourners (2010) offered a tantalizing glimpse of a dreamy scenario set in motion by the artist.’

Full article here.