Presentation: OEI #75-76 NATURBEGREPPET [EKOEI]

27 April 2017, 19:00–21:00

Pages from OEI #75-76 NATURBEGREPPET [EKOEI], 2017

Release and presentation of the new issue of OEI magazine featuring Johan Redin, Jonas (J) Magnusson & Cecilia Grönberg, Emma Kihl, Beth Laurin, Axel Andersson, Gustav Sjöberg, Mårten Björk, Stuart Wrede and Per Janse.

OEI is a magazine for experimental forms of thinking in between poetry, art, philosophy, documents, and film. The magazine focuses on alternative historiographies with topics such as Poema/Processo in Brazil, Swedish Land Art or “non assertive writing”. OEI was founded in 1999 and has published 76 issues and, with OEI editör, 90 books.

OEI # 75–76: NATURBEGREPPET [EKOEI], 528 pages, edited by Johan Redin
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