Ramesch Daha: I AM HEALTHY, I CANNOT WRITE THIS LETTER MYSELF Photo: Vincent Entekhabi

Talk: Helene Larsson Pousette in conversation with Ramesch Daha

///This event has been postponed. We hope that we can inform about a new date soon. Thank you for your interest.///

Ramesch Daha and Helene Larsson Pousette come together to discuss the writing of history, focusing on the role and visibility of women. When history has been written, certain information has been considered irrelevant and the construction of the past has excluded many stories from the official narrative.

In the case of Maria and Sigmund Klein – presented in the exhibition by Ramesch Daha at Index Foundation – we can read his words but not hers; we must read between the lines to imagine and interpret the words of Maria. Sigmund was writing letters from inside three concentration camps in Nazi Germany and Maria was answering them. The letters from Sigmund were kept by his family, while the ones from Maria were destroyed in the camps. How to write a complete history when some parts have been systematically deleted? How to rewrite it to bring characters back?

The exhibition at Index, titled “I am healthy, I cannot write this letter myself” gives us the opportunity to talk about history, political positions and to present many strong women who have kept social structures alive with their infatigable work and resistance.

This talk is organized as a collaboration between Index Foundation and Stockholms Kvinnohistoriska (Stockholm Museum of Women’s History). Index Foundation has presented a series of solo exhibitions focusing on women artists, as a way to address and rebalance the historical gap that has led to the construction of a dominant male narrative within contemporary art history. Stockholms Kvinnohistoriska works as a museum dedicated to women’s history, offering programs, practice and experiences outside of the traditional institutional forms.