Index seeks Curator of Learning / Producer (vikariat position)

Documentation from Index Festival Leaking Container 17-19 September 2020

Index is now recruiting for the role of Curator of Learning / Producer (vikariat / temporary position)
Period: January – July 2021
This role is set at 80% with regular working hours structured to include weekends.

The position entails the following main tasks and responsibilities:

- Overall planning and execution of a well-conceived and articulated learning program, including monthly meetings with Index Teen Advisory Board
- Programming and facilitating Index’ public program of events, workshops in relation to Index’ program of exhibitions and research projects
- Coordination of Index’ exhibition invigilation schedule
- Supervision and support of Index internship program
- Taking a key role in the planning and production of Index’ exhibitions

Download the full role description here

Application process
Applications are due by latest Monday 7 December 2020.

Send a CV highlighting relevant experience and a cover letter outlining your motivation to

If you have further questions please contact Index Director Marti Manen