Lara Almarcegui

3 September–5 October 2003

Hej hej

Lara Almarcegui, artist based in Rotterdam, spent July and August in Stockholm at the invitation of Index. During this period, she produced two new works, each based on the concept of public space. Lara Almarcegui always works on a small scale, avoiding the monumental tendencies that so often characterise public art. Instead she chooses to emphasise the social processes that are initiated when the cityscape starts to change, as a result of economical, political, or personal interests.

Lara Almarcegui’s first project for Index is an occupation and renovation of a dilapidated and abandoned boat of unknown origin and unsure future, that since the 1920s has been stranded on the banks of Årsta Bay in Stockholm. As a construction, it is a rare case that lacks any definition in Stockholm’s otherwise strictly regulated urban environment (it has in its past in different periods served both as a boat and summer cottage) the artist has renovated it to its original condition in order for it to claim its rightful place in the public space. Her second piece is a slide documentation of an excavation she conducted on the outskirts of Haga Park, Stockholm, in an area that served as a gathering point for debris and demolition equipment, used for example in the infamous tearing down of the Klara city block in the 50:ties.

Consequently, Almarcegui’s work for Index investigates two areas: performance and concepts about spatial and material recycling. All works are time-based and, according to the artist, a kind of performance, since they are implemented by the artist in direct contact with the public that are in the space where she’s conducting her artistic investigation. In 2002, Lara Almarcegui was part of the group exhibition ‘Changing Places’ at Index. Litterature on the artist in our bookshop: “Lara Almarcegui – demolitions, wastelands, allotment gardens” (Exhibitions International, 2003).

Our gratitude goes to Årstavikens Segelsällskap and the Mondriaan Stichting.