Fikret Atay

13 October–21 November 2004

“ ‘Lalo’s story’ shows a gathered group of men – some younger and one older. In the press release, one can read that the video shows a traditional form of storytelling. But almost immediately it becomes clear that something is wrong: the men speak and sing in English. The ritual performed is culturally bound and probably unknown to most of Index’s visitors, but to perform it, Atay has allowed men to use ‘our’ (read Western) language. And it is in this combination of the unknown and the known that uncertainty arises. Had it happened in the men’s mother tongue, we would probably have accepted that we did not understand, and perceived it as a symbol of the distance between us. Now, the linguistic barrier seems to be lifted, but we still don’t understand the meaning itself, resulting in an alienation where we as viewers are forced into exclusion.”

Translated quote from SvD, Anna Orrghen, 2004-11-05. Read full text in Swedish.