Future Futures

Index hosting the workshop And Forever And Forever at the festival Today is our Tomorrow run by Publics Helsinki.
Index Teen Advisory Board acting out the workshop Kids Looking Busy - here staging a photo of Kids Looking Bored.
Curtains with the collated texts of young people all over Stockholm, writing about climate futures, multiplicity, ecosexuals and fires.
Index Teen Advisory Board trying out common gestures seen in art museums.
I.T.A.B member Leo Quieroz Gonzalez during a fictive guided tour as part of Pontus Petterssons workshop 'Hosting and Ghosting'. Index Summer Festival The Defying Parrot 2019.
Former Index Teen Advisory Board members at Index Summer Festival, The Defying Parrot, 14-16th of June
Walk 'To all the gods honey, to the mistress of the labyrinth honey in equal amounts' with Ina Hagen and Sol Archer in collaboration with Index Teen Advisory Board.
I.T.A.B member Razak Abdul Muhebu reading Joanna Ptaks text during their zine-release, 2017.
Workshop re-hanging the exhibition And Tomorrow And, at Index 2018.
The workshop "Going to an exhibition in character" mapping common gestures of spectators, how do you move inside an exhibition?
Mapping the young access to cultural institutions in Stockholm.
ITAB meeting in April, together with artists Ina Hagen and Sol Archer.

Together with Publics in Helsinki and PRAKSIS in Oslo, Index initiates a new collaboration – Future Futures. As small institutions working with art from complementary positions, all three organizations have a scale and approach which allows for a more human touch.

Joining together to create a network, we will share approaches to working with young people, democratic processes and new publics. The aim is to test new formats, learn from each other and define methods for including and emboldening young people in conversations about art, criticality and language.

The three institutions pursue differing structures, yet share goals and democratic values: PRAKSIS focuses on programs that develop creative practice, Index as an exhibition center and Publics is a meeting space based on the idea of the library. Conceptual and practical artistic work, presentation of artistic practices and distribution of ideas are the core engagements of the three initiating members of the network. We consider the diversity of our roles vital as part of a democratic ecosystem including publics.

By observing these three structures we can more fully understand the artistic chain of conceptual production, presentation and distribution of content. Future Futures network starts with three different situations to be shared and transformed into a dialogue. The institutions share a desire for transparency, experimentation and definition of our local, national and Nordic realities.

The network will have several speeds and will be organised through physical meetings in all three countries. A series of permanent dialogues about important matters related to the main strands of investigation for Future Futures and will be a platform to define projects and programs happening in each country. In addition, we hope to strengthen the network and research by opening it to other participants from the Nordic and Baltic region. The network will be a system to create contacts between institutions and organisations working within the common field of art and education.

As one part of our collaboration, both Index Teen Advisory Board and PRAKSIS Teen Advisory Board will take a ferry trip to Helsinki, building new frameworks to discuss art experiences with young people. Watch this space.

To discover more about our collaborators, visit the websites of Publics and PRAKSIS

Future Futures is supported by Nordic Culture Point.