September 2022

Opening: Alva Willemark and Sybrig Dokter, CAPABLE OF RETURNING HOME

Welcome to the opening for CAPABLE OF RETURNING HOME on Thursday, 15 September, from 16:00 – 20:00 presenting artist Alva Willemark and choreographic artist Sybrig Dokter.

Starting at 18:00, Director Marti Manen will introduce the exhibition which will be followed by performative readings. Willemark and Dokter have invited artist Florence Wild to read a text she wrote, (Naive melody) inspired by the works in the exhibition. Dokter will read the text, Lines, Threads and Traces by Tim Ingold.

This exhibition is a continuation from January 2022 when Willemark and Dokter presented a two-week exhibition under the same title and utilized the exhibitional space almost as a domestic situation for testing scores and performances. Now, after a half year, Willemark and Dokter return to Index with a series of works expressing the meaning of home through memories — memories that create new pathways and new places which transforms the exhibition space into a wandering home for travelers who are welcome to join in the journey.

At Index, the visitor will experience a spatial installation in various phases combining film, texts and objects encouraging movement of bodies and the senses. At the entrance, visitors are greeted with a passage leading toward a horizon that opens up to various reference points. In the middle of the exhibition at Index, a metal staircase is displayed. It is the last physical remnant of a demolished house in the North of Sweden, once the home of Willemark’s grandfather. This single object opens a series of connections to memories for Willemark. Now presented as a sculpture, the staircase becomes a possible path toward rebuilding a house in the mind. The object itself is something to be observed with its many layers of meaning and possible stories.

Alva Willemark (1988) investigates intimacy, trust and control exploring the body through performance, installation, text and video. Sybrig Dokter (1955) is a choreographer and performer that works with the layering of physical practices relating to synchronicity, mirror-neurons and proximity.

The exhibition continues to 23 October and more information about the works are available on Index’s website.

ITAB i Luleå
“‘Your body is a temple’, it is said. No, your body is a pasture. Exerted, exploited, romanticized. Beautiful, bountiful, fertile.” So writes the previous members of Index Teen Advisory Board members Adina Edfelt, Felix Krausz Sjögren and Alva Mårsén in the opening lines of the text accompanying Hagen uti oss (The Pasture Within), a show they have been invited to curate for Galleri Syster in Luleå. The exhibition looks at ways of thinking with and about the body, and features work from artists Alma Winkler, Maja Stjärna and Åsa Ersmark. The exhibition opens 23 September.

All That All That
In June of this year, Index hosted the three-day workshop, A Printable Exhibition, about publishing practices, copy art and distribution. As a result of this event the publication, All That All That, will be on display at Index for one month from 15 Sept – 15 Oct. Visitors are invited to send the publication to their friends via a mailbox installed at Index and through distribution, the exhibition can take form in different spaces.

Both projects are realized as part of The Octopus Programme, an educational program that encourages artistic research and production-based collaborations across academies and art institutions. The Octopus Programme was initiated in 2019/2020 by University of Applied Arts Vienna and Kamel Lazaar Foundation in Tunis. Among eleven institutions, Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation is one of the partnering institutions together with Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design.