November 2021

As the days of November get shorter and darker, the time remaining for Pauline Curnier Jardin’s exhibition at Index, WAITING FOR AGATHA, SEBASTIAN AND THE REST OF THE HOLY CHILDREN—UNFOLDING A FILMIC RESEARCH, is in its final month. December 13, the feast day of Saint Lucy, marks the last day of Pauline Curnier Jardin’s exhibition at Index. During the 10-13 December there will be numerous events taking place including a film night with works by Curnier Jardin and Swedish artist Josefin Arnell, as well as an event around topics relating to film processes from Marleen Gorris to Ingmar Bergman organized in collaboration with Vision Forum.

Since the opening of Pauline Curnier Jardin’s exhibition in September, one of the aims at Index has been to provide visitors with opportunities to previsualize possible forms and narratives for the artist’s forthcoming film. Over the course of these past weeks, many things have started to unfold within the space: empty walls dedicated to six saints Curnier Jardin is interested in (Joan of Arc, Bernadette, Sebastian, Agatha, Sara and Lucy) have blossomed with images from popular culture, the media, architecture and art history; our office working table, once clean and bare, has collected piles of reference notes, articles and books in order to document and contain the ideas and suggestions visitors have shared with us. At one point there were even thirty-something DVDs spread out on the table for Curnier Jardin to watch during her recent visit to Stockholm.

In parallel with this explosion of materials and development at Index, there have been additional methods set in motion to support Curnier Jardin’s artistic process. Most recently the Amsterdam-based art organization, If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution activated a divinely visual online studio space for Curnier Jardin titled, Bodies Extra-ordinaires. If I Can’t Dance explores Curnier Jardin’s cinematic concepts around the body, humans and more than human references that pulsate in her works. This online studio space is also a host for shared dialogues between If I Can’t Dance and Index that will take place throughout the course of Curnier Jardin’s exhibitions with both organizations.

More information about upcoming December events in relation to Pauline Curnier Jardin’s exhibition will be published soon on Index’s website.

Double Release: OEI and Ord&Bild
Fri, 19 November, 17:30–20:00

Welcome to a double release event with OEI and Ord&Bild at Index! Two established and qualitative publications raise important questions related to urban space and historiography.

OEI’s Lettrist Corpus: The Complete Magazines (1946–2016) explores the French avant-garde movement Lettrism, while Ord&Bild’s Urban konst pinpoints and simultaneously complicates the topics of urbanity, art and how it relates to the public realm, the institution and more.

OEI is a Stockholm-based magazine for extra-disciplinary spaces and de-disciplinizing moments; experimental forms of thinking; montages between poetry, art, philosophy, film, and documents; critical investigations and mappings; editorial enunciations; non-affirmative writing; new ecologies and counter-historiographies. OEI, started in 1999, has published 93 issues.

Ord&Bild is an independent radical journal, carrying its rich legacy for 129 years. Publishing articles on culture, philosophy and politics, making room for critical thinking, literature and reviews, the journal invites readers to discover new and old authors as well as contemporary art.

Open Call: ITAB 2022
Just a few weeks left to send in an application to be part of the Index Teen Advisory Board! The deadline is 1 December and youth aged 16-21 are encouraged to apply. Information is on Index’s website.

Index Teen Advisory Board offers paid positions for young people who actively support decision-making, evaluation and programming at Index Foundation. The aim is to bring together a group with varying experiences and reflect together on the role and potential of art and culture today.

For additional questions, contact Isabella Tjäder, Curator of Learning at Index.

Podcast: Pauline Curnier Jardin
Tune in to Index’s latest podcast, Talking with Pauline Curnier Jardin: Film Production and Ways of Doing, and hear Curnier Jardin discuss the narratives and inspirations behind some of her recent films. During her artist talk she shares how the pandemic affected her work, the difficulties and expectations of the cinema realm and her valuable list of religious festivals and processions, specifically the ones that have strong sexual content. One precious revelation she shares is how she learned about Saint Agatha for the first time during a trip to Sweden.

The podcast is available through Spotify as well as Index’s website.