May 2021

Index is currently open to visit Thu-Sun with a solo exhibition of works by Hanni Kamaly, bringing together recent and existing sculptures with a multi-channel installation of a newly developed film work Gadju Okabak Ulrikab Koskimo.

Hanni Kamaly works with sculpture, film and performance. Through a research-based process, the artist has developed a practice in reading material culture in terms of racial and colonial history. By looking critically at the histories that objects fail to represent, Kamaly complicates questions of how – and crucially what – societies memorialize, depict and commemorate, the narratives constructed and evoked by material objects.

No booking is required to visit the exhibition. If the space is full, a short wait may be necessary.

Online talk: Stockholm's Museum of Women's History present Utom Husen, Tue 18 May, 14:00-16:00
In parallel to the exhibition at Index, Hanni Kamaly has developed Passages, a series of performative guided walks through Stockholm’s public spaces, produced by Index in collaboration with Stockholms Kvinnohistoriska (Stockholm Museum of Women’s History) as part of the initiative Utom Husen. Now, Stockholm’s Kvinnohistoriska presents the three artists’ projects in the frame Utom Husen through an online discussion.

Hanni Kamaly joins artists Ida Isak Westerberg and Berith Stennabb, together with Marti Manen, Index Foundation; Maria Ragnestam, Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten; and Tomas Asplund Gustafsson, Konstmuseet I Skövde, for an afternoon of conversations hosted by Stockholm’s Kvinnohistoriska.

The talks (in Swedish) are moderated by Sandra Åhman, producer at Stockholm’s Women’s History and Mattias Desac, project manager at ABF Stockholm. The talks are produced in collaboration with ABF Stockholm. More info here

 Following a year of focus on distribution and editorial thinking, Index is pleased to host a special release of C-print’s first printed magazine: The Future Watch Issue, edited and produced by C-print in collaboration with Konstfack’s BA2 in Graphic Design and Illustration course, led by Sara Kaaman and Emma Löfström.

The slow release takes place throughout the afternoon of Wed 26 May, 14:00-19:00 with conversations and activations of the issue. To participate in the release, it’s necessary to book a time slot. Please register you interest by emailing

The students in Graphics Design & Illustration in BA2 at Konstfack are:
Ebba Alling, Linn Bredberg, Mikaela Cederholm, Edith Ekström, Olivia Ekelund, My Hasselgren, Iris Hautaniemi, Wilma Harju, Amanda Islam Gustafsson, Vanja Ivarsson, Joel Järvi, Julia Lundgren, Klara Nordin Stensö, Ella Walfridsson, Filip Winkler, Henry Åström.

 During March, Index hosted the release of Delta – an ocean call, co-produced and published by Pontus Pettersson and Izabella Borzecka / PAM Sthlm. The release of the publication was a slow series of workshops, conversations, performances, readings and other activations of the works in the new publication.

Throughout the day, we recorded reflections and interviews with the contributors to Delta – an ocean call. Now you can listen to the ripples from the release, through conversations on watery matters and the editorial, choreographic processes and practices at the centre of this collaboration.

 Index Teen Advisory Board offers paid positions for young delegates to use listening, discussion and play to collaboratively examine and reformulate some of the norms that permeate the art world. We are currently looking for new board members, young people with differing experiences and cultural backgrounds, who can approach the question of art’s role in an experimental and critical way.

Do you know someone between the ages of 16 and 21 who would fit the bill? No prior knowledge is needed, only curiosity, ingenuity, and an interest in turning preconceptions on their heads. We will issue an Open Call on Index’ website and social media platforms shortly!