March 2023

The Index team is arranging a series of conversations with key voices for Index and institutional thinking. These discussions – which take a starting point in institutional desire, Index’ history and how to build some kind of meta archive – form a basis for ongoing and open reflection about Index’ ways of working in the past, present and future tense.

Here are some lingering reflections from conversations so far with Manuel Segade, Dragos Olea, Joanna Nordin, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Madeleine Andersson, Clara Amaral and Jacob Fabricius.

 Playing with a mode between storage and display, THE -ING FORM reactivates previous materials as well as archival elements, everyday objects someone decided to keep – ephemeralia from Index’ living history and its active present.

This changing roster of objects have their short moment in the spotlight: a vitrine from a past exhibition houses a different artefact each day. The object could be a photograph from the archive, a fax from Galleri Index of the mid 1990s – it could also be an object as yet unknown, suggested by a visitor.

 In Royal Chambers, Wang & Söderström present an assembly of five works that investigate our relationship to the term home across the digital and environmental developments of our time. Together they describe an entanglement of shifting power structures and perspectives in a rapidly changing ‘phygital’ world.

For the launch, Royal Chambers contributors Oscar Salguero, Magdalena Rozenberg and Yasaman Sheri join Wang & Söderström in a panel discussion, moderated by James Taylor-Foster.

How do we know? Institutional listening and young agency in the arts is a publication co-produced by the teen advisory boards of Index, Praksis (Oslo) and Publics (Helsinki).

It features texts, interviews and design proposals that the boards have developed in correspondence with each other and through collaborations with a number of artists. The publication is available in Index’ Bookshop.

For the publication release at Index in February, members of Index Teen Advisory Board Malin Issa, Sarika Ullah, Felix Krausz Sjögren, Luna Sackett and Vigo Roth spoke to Index’ Curator of Learning Isabella Tjäder about the work that went into putting the publication together. This conversation is now a podcast, available on Spotify and Index’ website.