December 2021

2021 is a year that will be remembered as a sort of ‘in between’ with a general feeling of impasse following us during this lapse of time. However, we have continued producing exhibitions and working with artists and we have been in close contact with other art and educational institutions. It’s part of the DNA of Index to work together with international structures. For example, in 2021 we co-produced a new version of the exhibition with Chris Kraus currently presented at Tabakalera (San Sebastian/Donostia). We have been talking a lot with Publics (Helsinki) and Praksis (Oslo) and shared many thoughts and actions regarding our Teen Advisory Boards and future practitioners. In fact, after many months of waiting, the youngsters at Index Teen Advisory Board went to Helsinki to meet the sibling TAB from Praksis to help in the definition of a new young advisory board for Publics. It’s fantastic to see how these youngsters help each other and can be—at the same time—extremely critical with societal matters. Continue reading…

From Essay to Choreography: Index Open Film Archive
Index participates in Folkets Bio’s Short Film Day taking place on 21 December from 16:00 – 20:00. Visitors are welcome to Index for glögg and can watch DVDs from our archive of over 150 films! From this vast array of possibilities, we offer a selection of works around the themes of choreography, portraiture, essays and narratives by Swedish and international artists including: Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Johanna Billing, Maija Blåfield, Kajsa Dahlberg, Jen Demke, Harun Farocki, Saskia Holmkvist, Ingela Johansson, Eva Koch, Marit Lindberg, Deimantas Narkevicius, Adrian Piper, Johan Tirén.

Aural Exhibitions
Index is currently working with the production of a new podcast series titled, Aural Exhibitions. Several artists, collectives, curators and writers will be contributing their voices and visions to these exhibitions which are activated through the singular sense of listening. These exhibitions have starting points from all over the world and exist as literal or figurative spaces defining an alternative way to understand and consider what an exhibition can be. The series will be released during 2022. Right now, we have projects in process with Sara Rossling and Natália Rebelo, Alexandra Laudo, Samantha Lippett, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Tiago de Abreu Pinto and more participants will be announced very soon.

What Happens Next…
With the transition into a new year, Index is already looking forward to the upcoming exhibitions that will take form and ‘take over’ the space in 2022. Alva Willemark and choreographer Sybrig Dokter will present an exhibition in two parts that unfold at the start of the season in January and then again in the autumn. Index will partner with Marabouparken Konsthall where both institutions host a monograph exhibition produced at MACBA (Barcelona) of works by Spanish artist Fina Miralles. The transition from spring to summer brings a solo exhibition by Linnea Hansander and the year will close with two solo exhibitions by Melanie Gilligan and Kajsa Dahlberg.