August 2020

Nathalie Gabrielsson’s exhibition The Campaign will re-open from Wednesday 19 August (opening hours below). On Friday 21 August, we invite you to join us for one evening to reflect on The Campaign together with artist Nathalie Gabrielsson and Kybernein Institute at Index.

The exhibition has been open during the spring, following recommendations regarding Covid-19. Now, we gather together with the artist to hear about the intricate process behind The Campaign: production, the subjects addressed, and to reflect upon the strategies and methodology of opinion-making and its influence and effect on democratic systems.

Nathalie Gabrielsson will talk about the project, beginning at 18:00. In order to maintain safe distancing due to Covid-19, we have a limited number of spaces. Please book your place for the lecture by sending an email to

From 19:00, the exhibition will be open to visitors (without booking). We invite you to come to Index and also to join us in the courtyard that we share with our neighbours. We will continue to observe safety recommendations.

 We invite you to take part in a series of distributed moments at Index, presented by the participants of the summer course Art and Distribution: Exhibition practices and other ways to distribute in collaboration with Konstfack. Throughout the summer, Index has been a platform for working through decentralized ways of looking at distribution and how its myriad connective potentials relate to artistic practice today.

Now, as part of the culmination of the course, you are welcome to join for public presentations and publicly distributed objects.

Spaces are limited to maintain safe distancing due to Covid-19. If you wish to join, we ask you to please RSVP via

The public presentations will also be live streamed via Twitch.

 Index is pleased to host the release of Kulturtidskrift Hjärnstorm issue #138-139, “Jag lägger av” (I give up). The issue relates to questions around what it means for an artist or writer to give up, stop or quit: Is it even possible to stop once you have started?

The release starts at 18:00 with guest editor Helena Looft in conversation with Björn Larsson, Kira Carpelan and Robert Ulvede. Spektrum and Vera Vinter perform Ivar Conradson’s poetic composition “Kvällen” (“The Evening”). The issue is available now via Hjärnstorm’s website here

The event will be in Swedish and take place in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations. Information on how to RSVP will be updated via Index website and Facebook event.

Photo: Patrik Qvist, Cover: Jiri Novak.

 This year, Index’ annual festival takes place 17–19 September, bringing together a program of talks, workshops and events. Leaking Container tracks how distribution leaks into artistic practices, rooted in Index’ 40-year history, both as a distributed container in the form of an art magazine and as a physical exhibition space with a conceptual focus.

During the festival’s three days, the program stacks layers of leaking data, circulated films and paused distribution flows with newly created works and situations. With conversations in several directions, the festival invites connections between artistic infrastructures and models for movement of information. Participants include e-flux, DIS, Filmform, Clara Amaral, Coyote, Lisa Trogen Devgun, David Maroto, with more to be announced via Index website.

 Index presents the exhibition Ear To The Ground with Swedish artist Ulrika Sparre (Sweden, 1974). Sparre’s practice is guided by text and nature, exploring the spiritual and physical in nature, working between public interventions and conceptual art.

Creating a connection between two temporal situations, drawing together artistic practices from the 70s and today through two figures who share similar ways of seeing, the exhibition presents a new film and production by Ulrika Sparre together with historical material from artist Fina Miralles (Spain, 1950).

Ulrika Sparre has shown her work in Sweden and internationally. In 2020, she published the book “Ear To The Ground” with Art & Theory Publishing. The exhibition opens 2 October.

Other than the gathering on Friday 21 August, The Campaign will be open during Index’ usual opening hours:

Wed / Thur / Fri 12:00 – 18:00
Sat / Sun 12:00 – 16:00