April 2022

Final Weeks for Fina Miralles at Index and Marabouparken konsthall
The inspiration behind the title of Fina Miralles’ exhibition I AM ALL THE SELVES THAT I HAVE BEEN arose during a conversation between the artist and curator Teresa Grandas. The phrase is Miralles’ own words, but Grandas expands upon it describing how it represents the relationship between art and life. It is a title that captures a past tense and a process that has developed over time; it is inclusive, offering something we can all relate to in our own selves.

To experience an artist’s practice through time is a journey, especially when encountering the diverse range and depth of Miralles’ world, a world that is spiritual, contemplative and empowering especially when one considers how she pursued her practice during a time of dictatorship and strictly gendered hierarchies. In Miralles’ works we see actions that are political, such as Imatges del Zoo (Zoo Images, 1974) which positions the human and domestic realm into the context of animal cages, a space where freedom is limited. The documentation of the action Translacions. Dona-arbre (Translations. Woman-Tree, 1973) shows part of Miralles’ body ‘planted’ into the earth—she is alive and growing. These works are only a few examples of how Miralles challenged expectations, she took things out of context and put them into a new one, thus challenging the pre-established order of society.

Through the exhibition, we are introduced to her ideas, reactions and how she made visible that there is power in doing the unexpected and not following the norms of society. During these times of uncertainty and sadness in the world, it is important to nurture dialogues, to offer support to others when they need it and to remember that the relationship between art and life is essential to support as a way to understand where we are now.

Afgang 2022
The Index team curates the 2022 Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ degree show presented at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

It has been exciting for us to get to know the 25 graduating artists: Madeleine Andersson, Ember Blooming, Clara Busch, Niels Christensen, Paula Duvå, Martin Brandt Hansen, Emilie Imán, Simon G Jakobsson, Anna Munk Johansen, Agnė Jokšė, Cassie Augusta Jørgensen, Esben Weile Kjær, Maria Lepistö, Gurli-Marie Lindum, Maja Malou Lyse, Rasmus Niclas Rose Nielsen, Anna Kristine Hvid Petersen, Kristine Karlshøj Leopold, Søren K. Rye, Samara Sallam, Anabela Veloso, Christian Vindelev, Bertram von Undall, Vic West, Mike Mac-Leod Worning.

The exhibition is open to the public from 20 April (Opening 19 April from 12:00 to 20:00) and an exciting program of events will also take place. More information can be found on Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s website.

Aural Exhibitions
Index will be in Venice to release the Aural Exhibitions podcast series! The release will be part of the IASPIS program of events during the opening of the 59th Venice Biennale and take place on 21 April at 14:30.

The Aural Exhibitions are a series of sound only exhibitions and can be listened to while walking, sitting on the subway, running or when there is a need for a new layer of reality. Index has invited curators and artists to participate including key figures such as Lucy Lippard and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Swedish curators Sara Rossling, Susanne Ewerlöf and Mmabatho Thobejane, international curators, Alexandra Laudo (Spain), Tiago de Abreu Pinto (Brazil), Samantha Lippett (UK) offer their take on the exhibition as a listening situation. Artists Rosana Antolí (Spain), Natália Rebelo (Sweden) and the collective Editorial Board (Sweden) are also part of this multiple exhibitional program.

With support from Kulturrådet and Institut Ramon Llull.

The podcasts will be accessible on Spotify and Index’s website soon.

Artist Talk with Fina Miralles
Join Index at Marabouparken konsthall on Tuesday, 26 April at 17:00 for a conversation between Fina Miralles, Teresa Grandas (curator), Helena Holmberg (Director, Marabouparken konsthall) and Marti Manen (Director, Index). Audiences are invited to attend the event at Marabouparken konsthall and the artist and curator will join via Zoom from Cadaqués.

The event is free and Marabouparken konsthall will be open from 16:00.

New ITAB Board Members
Index Teen Advisory Board offers paid positions for young people who actively support decision-making, evaluation and programming at Index Foundation. The aim is to bring together a group with varying experiences and reflect together on the role and potential of art and culture today.

Before retiring from their seats, the members of last year’s Index Teen Advisory Board elected their successors among the many applicants for ITAB 2022. The new board members are Adam Engström, Alcina Munene Persson, Anahita Mishra, Felix Krausz Sjögren, Josh Sackett, Malin Issa, Montadar Saleh, Sarika Ullah, Tove Persson, Vigo Roth Jinde, and Ville Ferm Thorgersen.