Call: Internship with a focus on the Index archive

Index internship with a focus on the archive: Matilda Kenttä, 2019.
Crowd outside Index former space at St Paulsgatan
From the archive: Index office during the 90s
Internship with a focus on the archive: Elias Kautsky
Publication by Matilda Kenttä, internship with a focus on the archive, 2019.
Index former space at St Paulsgatan
In the Shadow of the Archive (2020), arranged by Elias Kautsky and Sarah Heuberger, a guest looks at the publication by Matilda Kenttä, 2019.
In The Shadow of the Archive, public moment with Elias Kautsky and Sarah Heuberger
Internship with a focus on the archive: Sarah Heuberger

Index is offering an internship opportunity for current art and curatorial students who want to broaden their education and professional experience. This position will be the fifth in a series of internships working specifically with the Index archive and questions concerning distribution of archival material.

Index offers experience through working and learning in a non-profit art institution in a challenging, hands-on environment. The organization presents a year-round program of ambitious exhibitions of contemporary art, events and educational activities. Interns have the opportunity to participate in the development and expansion of these programs and participate in daily operations, while taking their own starting point for research into Index archive.

The internships are offered on a full-time or part-time basis for at least six weeks, during which a specific target project as well as daily assignments will be completed. Interns also participate in team meetings, special events, various educational programs and mediation. For this internship, we seek a person who can undertake working with our program during weekends.

Applications are now welcome for an internship starting in mid November. Please send your CV, indicating months of interest and a personal letter sharing your thoughts on working with Index archive. Please note that Index is unable to offer paid internships.

Apply by sending an email to the Index team at