Index Residents

Index’ major learning initiative of 2016/17 is Index Residents. Functioning as an open-ended platform for collaboration, school classes and social groups from across Stockholm take up residency within Index for one year. This residency takes a long-term approach, allowing topics to evolve and develop in relation to the interests of the participants. Over the year, these groups of young people are supported to; reclaim the city centre, to democratise art and to participate in art making. The Residents participate in exhibition workshop series plus specialised visits to artists studios, art schools, film screenings and the like, providing a platform for young people to meet art face to face.

Students begin the program in September 2016, with school groups participating from Jarfalla Gymnasiet, Torsviks Skola, Rönninge Skola and the Sprint program for newly arrived young people at Uppsala International Gymnasiet.

Supported by Arvsfonden.

Index Residents Blog

Fotokonst med hålkamera

January 2017
After visiting Index and taking part in the Mad Horizon exhibition workshops, the Jarfalla Gymnasiet residents created a project back at their school, inspired by the work of Jon Skoog. It is featured on their blog here. The students made paper doll versions of themselves and placed themselves in fictional landscapes. They then photographed themselves using homemade cameras. The process related to the questions of fiction and reality in film and media.

Student Aldina Sabani's scenography for the photography project.

December ITAB meeting: Introducing The Promise

December 2016
Index Teen Advisory Board met for the third time in December, with a specific focus on the 2017 summer program The Promise. The board were introduced to the ideas of the expansive program and reflected on the role of architecture and public space in their own lives. The next meeting is set for February where the board will continue to critique and infiltrate Index programming.

Excursion to Kulturhuset

November 2016

Visiting LAVA Bibliotek and Patti Smith exhibition with Index Residents from Rönninge Skola. After participating in the Mad Horizon exhibition workshop and postcard writing session, the Residents embarked on an excursion to visit LAVA and the Patti Smith exhibition at Kulturhuset. The staff from Kulturhuset led workshops with the students, on Patti Smiths photographic works and the LAVA resources including the sound studio, 3D printer and screen printing facilities.

Special thanks to LAVA Bibliotek staff, Helen Karlson and Tove Wiksaas.

Systerskap som vapen Av Agnes Émile Gulle, LAVA Bibliotek

Postcards from Places Unvisited

November 2016
As part of Index Residents for young people, students from Jarfalla Gymnasiet, Rönninge Skola and newly arrived students from Botkyrka visited Index to investigate the current exhibition MAD HORIZON and undertake a workshop. Inspired by the exhibitions merging of fiction, landscape and reality, they constructed memories of places they had never visited.

While every postcard depicts Stockholm or Sweden, the students choose to rename them, further merging our understanding of how place intersects with memory. The postcards form a map of fictional and real places, known only through memory and media.

Jarfalla Gymnasiet students also made a project back at their school, inspired by the work of Jon Skoog. It is featured on their blog here. The students made paper doll versions of themselves and placed themselves in fictional landscapes, they then photographed themselves using homemade cameras. The process related to the questions of fiction and reality in film and media.

Media Coverage

October 2016
The usual way to interact with glossy magazines is to flick through, read a little, notice something and move on. Generally it is an exchange where the reader reads and the magazine speaks. Here the Index Residents were encouraged to experiment with paint and its materiality as a way of speaking back to the image on the page. Starting with images from fashion magazines, the 40 students from Sprint Group at Internationella Gymnasiet Uppsala took part in the workshop over two days and re-worked the images, creating some monsters in the process.

Back to School Visits

August and September 2016

To kick off the new Index Residents year Joanna and Bronwyn visited all the school groups in their own classrooms, travelling to Rönninge, Jarfalla, Uppsala and Lidingö. Getting to know each and every student, find common ground, using art making and art histories as a way of sharing, learning together. It was also a great chance to meet with the exceptional teachers who work at these schools. The connection with the teachers and discussion of learning strategies is a major element of the Residents program. Photos here are from the Year 9 students at Torsvikskolan, Lidingö.


August 2016
I HIMLEN ÄR ALLA LINJER BLÅ was a waterfront festival for and by young people in Stockholm focusing on art, music and performance. The festival invites young people to reclaim the city center as a place for them. Featuring EVOLVER Club with DJ Pitch (Tobago Tracks, UK) and residents Iinatti and M…, readings and workshops with Anna Axfors, Ram Alshibli, Ponton poetry magazine and LAVA. Plus performances on the water with Maretopia and an outdoor cinema. The Index Teen Advisory Board worked with Maretopia floating rafts to build performances and workshops for the festival and the Residents students were in attendance.
Festival information

Assemblege Workshops

May 2016
To finish the school year Joanna and Bronwyn ran a day long assemblege workshop with the 40 Sprint students in Uppsala at the Internationalla Gymnasiet. During the workshops we worked in small groups to try out assemblage and object poetry. We questioned the meaning of objects in an art context and how objects behave. We asked the group to make works alone and then as a group, questioning how to tell stories with found objects. We also had an introduction to assemblage and installation artists. This was the second round of workshops we had done together and already the students are starting to feel more comfortable and familiar with discussing and making art. Together they are expressing themselves, taking risks and sharing in the art making process together.