The Residents

Index’ major learning initiative of 2016 is Index Residents. Functioning as an open-ended platform for collaboration, school classes and social groups from across Stockholm take up residency within Index for one year. This residency takes a long-term approach, allowing topics to evolve and develop in relation to the interests of the participants. Over the year, these groups of young people are supported to; reclaim the city centre, to democratise art and to participate in art making. The Residents participate in exhibition workshop series plus specialised visits to artists studios, art schools, film screenings and the like, providing a platform for young people to meet art face to face.

Students begin the program in September 2016, with school groups participating from Jarfalla Gymnasiet, Torsviks Skola, Rönninge Skola and the Sprint program for newly arrived young people at Uppsala International Gymnasiet.

Supported by Arvsfonden.