Rosana Antolí: A Sound Exhibition to Walk in Circles

In Kafka’s novel The Trial, the artist has a very particular role that one can read as a figure with supposedly no power. However, the artist is in contact with many people and manages sensitive information. The artist’s studio becomes a space for almost freedom and, at the same time, unclear economic transactions. The artist offers some paintings to the protagonist of the novel who will pretend to buy them. This transaction will open invisible doors and paths.

In this Aural Exhibition, artist Rosana Antolí creates a series of sound spaces with several moods, feelings and a continuous desire for connection while escaping. Bodies, movement, rituals, dance, fluids, mutation, skins, liquids, choreographies, language, art, poetry and music share this unlimited expanding universe.

Listen to A Sound Exhibition to Walk in Circles here:

A Sound Exhibition to Walk in Circles

Project by: Rosana Antolí

Sound composer: Caçacervols

Performing extra voice: Sonja Teszler