Rosana Antolí, curated by Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris at CentroCentro Madrid

21.02 – 17.05.2020

Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris is curating Rosana Antolí’s exhibition at CentroCentro (Madrid) on behalf of Index Foundation.

Rosana Antolí works with rhythm and flow, with the tides of social choreography, eternal loops and feedback of the body in society. In this exhibition, A Golden Age: Pulse, Throb, Drift, Rosana Antolí takes a dive into the aqueous as a state-of-mind. Through deep artistic investigation, Antolí expands aesthetic and movement-based understandings that question what is human.

Into A Golden Age, the artist invites the figure of the immortal jellyfish. Found in the Mediterranean Sea, the jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii, is the only creature known to live forever. The sea creature floats between states of maturity – rising off the sea bed to reproduce and then sinking back down in a state of adolescence. The ultimate loop. Theorist Donna Haraway speaks of the jellyfish as one of the ‘tentacular figures’ who are able to entwine modes of feeling and knowing in non-human ways. Antolí responds to the conceptual proposition of the mysterious jelly creature by amplifying ways of being connected to transparency, loops, rhythm, cadence, rhyme, and buoyancy in her work.

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